• 3 Reasons To Add A Ceiling Fan In Your Kitchen

    A ceiling fan might not be the top fixture that you think about when you're considering kitchen remodeling, but this is something that your remodeling contractor can install with relative ease. Because of its overhead lights, the kitchen already has electricity running through the ceiling; this means that your contractor can mount the fan where you want it, connect its wires, and you'll soon enjoy the look and cool breeze that it provides.
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  • Three Reasons To Keep Mature Trees On Your Property

    When you buy a property with the intention of having a custom home built on it, your first inclination might be to cut down the trees. Doing so can have some advantages — namely, you'll have greater flexibility when it comes to deciding exactly where to place the house. However, before you bring up this idea to your custom home builder, you should give some thought to keeping the trees. While there are cases in which some of the property's trees will have to go, keeping those that are most mature, when possible, can be a decision that you'll be happy you made in the months and years ahead.
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  • Father Winter Puts A Beating On Your Roof – Put A Stop To It Before The Damage Comes Inside

    Father Winter really gives your roof a pounding every year. It's possible that the roof has sprung some leaks that might have been preventable. So, what causes roofing leaks during the winter, and what can you do to fix the issue? Here, you will learn just that. What causes winter roofing leaks? There are four issues that cause problems with roofing. These issues could individually cause problems or the problems could be caused by a combination of any of the four.
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