3 Reasons To Consider Installing A Hollow Metal Door

Posted on: 21 December 2016
Hollow metal doors are among the best options available to you when it comes to replacing one of the doors in your home or business, mostly because they can provide a level of strength and durability that most other door materials simply cannot match. A hollow metal door is typically constructed from sheets of reinforced steel with a variety of different types of insulating materials located between those sheets of steel.
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2 Ways To Keep Your Well Water Safe

Posted on: 30 November 2016
One of the hardest parts about having access to a well on your property is ensuring that the well water is as safe as possible, mostly because there are many things that can actually contaminate it. Listed below are two things that you can do to help keep your well water as safe as possible for you and your family to drink.. Make Sure The Well Is Covered As Much As Possible
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Repair A Hairline Crack In A Foundation Wall And Apply A Waterproofing Agent

Posted on: 3 November 2016
If a hairline crack surrounding one your basement's windows causes water to drip through the concrete surface whenever it is raining heavily, resolve the problem by completing the steps below. Afterwards, clean and seal the interior walls to provide the concrete with a protective barrier that will prevent moisture from entering your home. Supplies handheld scrub brush shop vacuum cleaner (with suction hose) tube of concrete repair patch caulk gun small trowel concrete cleaning agent sponges bucket of water several towels vinyl drop cloths waterproofing agent paint tray thick-napped paint roller and frame extension handle Repair The Crack And Clean The Concrete
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Keeping Your Parking Lot In Good Condition

Posted on: 19 October 2016
Your company's parking lot often serves as the first point of contact a customer has with your company. If the parking lot is allowed to fall into disrepair, then customers may think that you don't take pride in the goods and services you offer to the public. Investing in some repair work can be beneficial when it comes to keeping the asphalt in your parking lot smooth. Here are three tips you can use when resurfacing your parking lot to ensure that it remains in good condition well into the future.
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