Mason Byrd

  • 3 Pests That Destroy Siding—And How To Prevent Them

    Rain, wind, hail, and other environmental factors can destroy siding, but invasive pests are a danger that many homeowners do not consider. To protect your siding, issue these 5 pests an immediate eviction notice. 1. Rodents Rodents enter homes for food, shelter, and warmth. Squirrels, for example, are often found in attics and other upper-floor rooms of the home, while mice and rats favor basements and first-story rooms. Unfortunately, rodents also multiply quickly, so a single interloper can quickly become a full-scale infestation.
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  • Bad Furnace Heat Exchanger? How To Judge And The Troubles It Can Cause

    Are you concerned about your gas furnace filling your home with deadly gasses? One thing for you to inspect from time to time is the heat exchanger in the furnace. Here is a little about heat exchangers and how to inspect it between professional furnace maintenance and repairs. What does a heat exchanger do? The heat exchanger inside your furnace is a ceramic tube with one hole on each end. The heat is brought into the exchanger through one end and the dangerous gasses are expelled through the other end outside your home.
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