What Impacts The Pricing Of Spray Foam Insulation?

Posted on: 8 July 2019

If you are thinking about having spray foam insulation installed in your home, then you are probably making the right choice. Before you opt to have it done, though, you might be wondering how much a spray foam insulation installation project is going to cost you. The cost varies; these are some of the different things that can impact pricing for your project.

The Size of the Area You're Insulating

Obviously, one of the main factors that can impact the pricing of having spray foam insulation installed is the size of the area that you are having insulated. If you're having it done in your entire house, then the cost is obviously going to be higher than if you have it done in just one area of the home. The cost is higher in bigger homes than smaller ones. Many contractors charge per square foot for spray foam insulation installations.

How Easy or Difficult Access Is

Spray foam insulation makes it easier for professionals to add insulation in areas that cannot be easily accessed for a more traditional insulation installation. However, access can still be a problem in some cases. If access is easier, then the cost is typically going to be lower.

The Type of Spray Foam Insulation You Choose

There are actually different types of spray foam insulation for you to choose from when you are making arrangements for your project. For example, you will need to choose between closed cell or open cell spray foam insulation. There are pros and cons to the different types of spray foam insulation in addition to cost differences. You should talk to a professional about your project to get an idea of which type of spray foam insulation might be right for your project.

The Amount of Spray Foam Insulation That You Want to Have Installed

The size of the area that the installation team will be working in is not the only consideration. The amount of spray foam insulation that you want to have installed in the area will have an impact on pricing, too. In areas where you would prefer thicker insulation, you can count on pricing to be a little bit higher than if you had opted for thinner insulation.

The above factors are some of the different factors that can have an impact on the pricing of spray foam insulation. If you'd like to know a little more about how this pricing is determined, contact a spray foam insulation installer for pricing that is related to the details of your project.