Tips for Getting a Construction Project Rolling

Posted on: 28 February 2019

Moving forward with construction work is a task that takes a lot of preparation. If you're worried about how your job will unfold, it's wise to learn a bit about how the construction process works, especially at the early stages. Let's explore some of the things you should do to get a good start on the work you're planning.

Put a Manager in Place

Unless you've worked as a general contractor or a construction manager, it's hard to fully imagine every little decision that has to be made along the way. Bringing in someone experienced in lining up construction services will streamline the job. You'll have a professional around to keep progress moving on a daily basis, allowing you to focus on the big picture.

Nail the Numbers Down

One issue that often catches folks off guard during construction efforts is when expenses come out of left field. It's hard to nail down a number for every single aspect of a job, but you want to get contracts in place with clearly defined numbers and benchmarks as early as possible.

Also, don't get overly invested in trying to get the lowest bids on projects. A proven track record of success is worth a premium. There are definitely situations, such as putting in the electrical system, where you'll want to have the best company available on the job rather than the lowest bidder.

Have Some Flexibility

If your plans call for a number of goals to be achieved within a strict timeline, you're setting yourself up for failure. Weather is bound to create issues, and there is always something unforeseen, such as geological features that aren't discovered until a shovel goes in the ground, that will come up. Not only does there need to be slack in your schedule, but you need to have some slack in your budget too.

Line Up Financing Early

Very few builds go forward without some type of financing. Even the ultra-wealthy finance many of their projects, and the best way to approach the problem of getting money for construction is to line up loans early. Bear in mind that short-term construction loans can be converted into mortgages once a building is finished, so focus on getting the structure in place to have a convertible asset in hand. Remember, too, that it's prudent to have more financing than you initially need in place.

Follow these tips for construction project success.