How To Handle System And Appliance Repairs With Your Newly-Purchased Home

Posted on: 5 December 2018

When buying a home, you expect the home's systems and appliances to work well without serious problems, which is why you hire a home inspection to try to foresee any problems. Unfortunately, sometimes problems occur with your home and its systems, components, and appliances, requiring you to call for a repair or a replacement in some situations. Here are some tips to help you know what to expect and how to handle any problems with your new home purchase, whether it is a newly-built home or an existing home.

Buy and Use a Home Warranty 

While you are searching for a home to buy, your realtor will be your right hand in the deal, helping you as you walk through the process and counseling you on decisions and negotiations. As a great agent, your realtor should also suggest you buy a home warranty on an existing home, even when you hire a home inspection and appraisal for the financing. A home warranty will provide coverage for your home's systems, appliances, and components, such as the fridge, oven, microwave, HVAC, and electrical systems.

You can ask the home seller to include the warranty in the purchase, or you can buy your own coverage, which usually covers the home for one year. However, you can buy additional coverage to continue your coverage past one year or to cover additional appliances that may not be covered under a standard home warranty plan, such as a hot tub, upright freezer, or your washer and drying that you have previously owned.

Once you move into your newly-purchased home, your appliances will be covered if they need repairs or stop working and need replacement. If a problem arises, make a call to your warranty service office, and they will recommend a local appliance repair person to diagnose and repair your appliance problem. You only need to pay the warranty company a service fee, and they cover the rest of the professional repair or replacement.

Ask the Builder About Appliance Warranty

When you are buying a brand-new home, the home's appliances and systems will all be brand new as well, installed directly by a local contractor. And your home will likely come with a home builder warranty to cover any defects in the construction of the home and any issues that arise with its heating system or foundation, for example. Talk to your builder to find out the details of the builder's warranty and how you would need to proceed if, for example, the home's dishwasher begins leaking water. Your builder can provide a repair service to remedy the problem.