Tips for Designing Your New Landscaping

Posted on: 22 October 2018

Creating a beautiful yard will likely require a considerable amount of landscaping work on your part. Before undertaking the project of redoing your yard, it is important to properly prepare for it by reviewing important considerations and tips.

Incorporate Seasonal Highlights

Most homeowners will want their yards to look great regardless of the current season. One way to achieve this without needing to redo the entire landscaping every few months is to use some plants as seasonal highlights. By placing these plants in highly visible beds or planters, you can give your yard a more festive and seasonally appropriate appearance while also minimizing the amount of actual work that this requires of you.

Upgrade Your Irrigation System

Giving your plants enough water can be one of the most important things for allowing them to grow. Unfortunately, it can be rather time-consuming for those with large or elaborately landscaped yards. Individuals that travel on a regular basis may also struggle with meeting this need. Automatic irrigation systems can be an effective alternative to manually watering the plants. When you have one of these systems, it will be possible to configure them to deliver the precise amount of water for each type of plant. Some of these systems also incorporate smart systems that can allow them to be controlled from a mobile device, which can be useful for individuals that may frequently be gone for long stretches of time.

Understand the Maintenance Needs of Fountains or Artificial Ponds

It is common for homeowners to enjoy the appearance of having fountains or artificial ponds on their property. However, these upgrades can require a surprising amount of maintenance as the water quality will need to be kept high. Otherwise, algae and bacteria could start to grow in these water sources. Also, some pests, such as mosquitos, will need a water source for laying eggs. By appreciating the type of care these upgrades require, you can avoid accidentally overwhelming yourself with yard maintenance.

Consider Evening Unlevel Terrain

For homeowners that have extremely unlevel terrain, there are many problems that could arise from this issue. Uncontrolled erosion, flooding, and ponding are some of the most common issues that unlevel terrain can cause. Depending on the severity of the problem, it may be possible to smooth out these areas of the property by filling them in with topsoil. This can substantially increase the costs of your landscaping project, and you will want to obtain a quote for both the labor as well as the soil used to fill in these spots.

For more information, contact a landscape designer in your area.