3 Reasons To Add A Ceiling Fan In Your Kitchen

Posted on: 16 March 2018

A ceiling fan might not be the top fixture that you think about when you're considering kitchen remodeling, but this is something that your remodeling contractor can install with relative ease. Because of its overhead lights, the kitchen already has electricity running through the ceiling; this means that your contractor can mount the fan where you want it, connect its wires, and you'll soon enjoy the look and cool breeze that it provides. Here are three reasons that adding a ceiling fan to your kitchen during your next home renovation is a smart idea.

It Moves Strong-Smelling Air

It's easy to let something burn on the stove or in the oven because you're distracted, and it won't be long before your kitchen fills with foul-smelling smoke. While you can open the nearby windows, the smell will usually take a long time to dissipate because nothing is moving the air. With a ceiling fan installed, you can quickly turn on the fan to begin circulating the smoky air. You'll be impressed with how quickly this fixture can help to reduce the smell in the kitchen — something that is especially handy if you've burnt something before guests are due to arrive.

If Provides An Added Light Source

The kitchen is one of the spaces in your home that can never be too bright. If you feel as though your existing overhead lights hardly give you the brightness that you want, additional overhead lighting can be a smart idea. Instead of just adding more track lighting, a ceiling fan can be more worthwhile. In addition to getting the benefits of the fan for air circulation, you can find a model that has lights built into it. Doing so will give you another overhead light source in a workspace that may need it. And remember, you don't need to run the fan to use the lights — you can typically operate the two elements separately from one another.

It Helps To Keep You Cool

It's easy to get heated up in the kitchen. With the stove and oven on, the temperature in this part of your home will climb quickly, and you may feel uncomfortable as you cook. While you can crank up the air conditioning, it can sometimes seem wasteful to cool the entire home when only one room is warmer than you'd like. This is where your ceiling fan can come in handy: by running it while you're cooking, you'll enjoy a cool breeze blowing down on you, keeping you feeling comfortable while you work.