Father Winter Puts A Beating On Your Roof – Put A Stop To It Before The Damage Comes Inside

Posted on: 7 February 2018

Father Winter really gives your roof a pounding every year. It's possible that the roof has sprung some leaks that might have been preventable. So, what causes roofing leaks during the winter, and what can you do to fix the issue? Here, you will learn just that.

What causes winter roofing leaks?

There are four issues that cause problems with roofing. These issues could individually cause problems or the problems could be caused by a combination of any of the four. These issues include:

Aged roofing materials – It is possible that the roofing materials were just too old to hold up to the harsh elements of winter.

Attic condensation – Moisture in the attic space is often caused by the heat from inside your home meeting the cold temperatures from outside.

Freeze-thaw cycles – The constant change in temperatures cause the roofing materials to expand and contract causing nails and shingles to lift.

Ice dams in the gutters – If the gutters weren't cleaned before winter hit, the water may not run through them as it should. This will lead to ice dams and water backing up under the shingles at the edges of the roof.

How do you identify the problem?

Inspecting your attic space is the first step in identifying the water leaks.

Take a bright light with you, and begin by inspecting the insulation in the attic for mold or water marks. The insulation will work like a sponge and absorb the moisture quickly, so if you can find the moisture on the insulation, you can get an idea of where the leak is coming from.

If you notice water marks in the attic, mark it with some chalk. Draw a diagram of the attic space, and mark the spot on the diagram. This will help you locate the leaks on the roof later.

Make sure to look around the chimney, valleys of the room, and around the vent stacks. These are areas that are highly prone to winter leaks.

How do you repair the problem?

Whether or not you can make the repairs on your own is determined by what type of repairs need to be made. If the water is leaking in around the chimney or vent stacks, you can make the repair with a little roofing sealant. Wait for a day when the sun is out and the roof is free of snow and ice. Then, climb up on the roof with a bucket of roofing sealant. Clean any debris around the area that you need to patch up and apply a coat of sealant.

If the shingles are damaged, it's best to contact a roofing repair professional like those at Ray's Harford Home Improvement Contractors Inc to avoid causing further damage. He or she will identify and repair any leaks before they cause too much damage to the interior of your home.