Upgrading To A Home Office Lifestyle

Posted on: 26 January 2017

Working from home is becoming more accepted--even expected--way of staying productive and removing the commute from the employee equation. It takes more than just a laptop or desktop in a repurposed room or living room corner, as maximum uptime with as few electrical, internet, or other interruptions is vital. To make sure your home is ready, consider a few electrical repair, automation, and general upgrade options are available to make working from home as seamless as possible.

General Repair Concerns

An electrical inspection should be performed on any home that hasn't been inspected in over a decade or if you're not the original owner. This is because any number of unknown incidents could have damaged the electrical wiring in the home, and non-specific damage over time can lead to gradual wear and tear that needs to be caught.

Many severely damaging incidents can happen without you knowing what's going on. A thunderstorm can damage wiring just enough to weaken and fray the wiring to the point of barely touching, but you may not notice anything more than a short moment of power loss--if any power loss at all.

Similar damage can happen from electrical overload events caused by your local power company, neighbors, or incorrect installation of your home wiring in the past. Just because you didn't notice anything too severe doesn't mean that damage didn't already occur; many events can happen with not even a flicker of the lights, and it can happen when you're not home or with everything turned off.

Before installing any automation systems, upgraded wiring techniques, or expensive computers or office equipment, make sure to ask a residential electrician for an inspection.

Automation And Upgrades For Home Offices

Home offices may require a mixture of constant uptime and smart resource management. For example, if your computer is managing a server or needing to be connected to a chat room for your entire shift, you may want home automation to dim the lights and turn off other appliances except for your home office area unless you move to another area.

Having a timer for your entire home can shut down your systems if work is slow or while you're on break, so make sure that an electrician tunes everything to your usual habits. You can make your own changes afterwards when you review the automation settings, but some special care to keeping the home office area online is necessary.

In addition to power management, audio/home theater systems can turn your home office into a conference room. Voice-activated or console-controlled home theater systems can make it easy to switch to room-wide audio for listening, then limiting sound to a headset if there's too much echo or if privacy is necessary.

Contact a residential electrician to discuss repairs, upgrades, and automation systems for your home office.