Several Swimming Pool Myths Corrected

Posted on: 26 January 2017

Investing in the installation of a swimming pool is something that many homeowners want for their properties. However, routinely held misbeliefs and myths can make the decision of installing a pool more difficult than is necessary.

Myth: An Above Ground Pool Is Always The More Economical Option

Saving money during a pool installation is always a reasonable goal. However, you should be aware that an above ground pool may not always be the most affordable option when long-term care costs are considered. Because the wall of the pool is not protected by the ground, it will be more susceptible to damages that will require it to be replaced. Additionally, the pump for this type of pool is also above ground, which will increase the wear it sustains from exposure to the elements. While an in ground pool will be the more expensive option, it will be unlikely to encounter any serious problems for many years to come.

Myth: You Must Have A Large Yard To Have A Pool Installed

A large swimming pool with a diving board is often the image that many people have when they think of this upgrade, but many individuals may lack the space in the yard to accommodate a large pool. Fortunately, there are pool options for almost anyone's needs. For example, hot tubs can be an excellent option for those wanting to relax in the water, and there are motorized personal pools that can be used for swimming. These pools use powerful pumps to create a current that provides enough resistance to swim without moving forward.

Myth: A Saltwater Pool Will Require More Work And Expense To Maintain

Homeowners will often think that a saltwater pool is a more maintenance intensive option. Yet, this style of pool actually requires less work than a traditional pool. This is because the salt will naturally inhibit the growth of algae while also making the water inhospitable to most water-dwelling insects. These pools also benefit from only requiring pool salt to function, which is in contrast to fresh-water pools that must regularly have numerous chemicals added to them.

Myth: You Must Completely Drain The Pool Each Winter

Preparing the pool for the winter months is always an important task. Yet, it may not require as much work as you think. For those that assume the pool must be completely drained, it should be a relief to learn this is not the case. It is also possible to use a plastic cover to protect the water during the winter. However, you will need to completely drain the pump to prevent it from suffering damage when the water freezes.

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