3 Renovations For An Affordable Alternative To A Complete Bathroom Remodel

Posted on: 30 September 2016

There are many reasons why you may want to update your outdated bathroom, but updating can sometimes mean costly remodeling projects. Remodeling jobs involve removing materials in the bathroom and completely redoing it. Renovations are a little different and involve more options for restoring the bathroom, such as refinishing baths and enamel sinks. You may also update lighting or paint and reface cabinetry. Here are some affordable renovation ideas that you can do as alternatives to completely remodeling your aged bathroom:

1. Giving Tubs, Sinks, And Showers New Life With Refinishing

The enamel finishes in your home can become worn over the years. They may have scratches and other imperfections that can be an unsightly addition to your home. The tub or shower in your bathroom can be given new life with refinishing processes. You can refinish the enamel features and simply add new plumbing to fixtures for a new appearance. In addition to tubs and sinks, enamel tiles and other surfaces may also be a good improvement to consider.

2. Change Your Bathroom's Appearance With Custom Painting Solutions

The bathroom in your home can also be improved with painting, but rather than just adding a plain coat of paint, consider doing more. A custom paint job can be used to apply different finishes and designs in the bathroom. You can use a base color, and then use stencils to create borders and other custom designs. This is something simple that you can do yourself to make a big difference in the appearance of your bathroom.  If you are thinking about wallpapers, custom painting is a better option in the bathroom that will not be effected by moisture.

3. Add Finishing Touches To Renovations With New Lighting And Hardware In The Bathroom

Finishing touches to your bathroom can also be added with improvements when doing finishing touches. After you have painted, consider changing hardware and lighting. Adding modern lighting can improve the appearance and help you save energy. New hardware can also be more modern with improvements like towel warms and electric heating. These renovations can complete your bathroom improvement project. If you plan on updating hardware, remove it before you paint to avoid making a mess and get more professional results.

These are some affordable renovation ideas to improve your bathroom without costly remodeling projects. If you need help with some of these improvements, contact a bathtub refinishing service, such as Tub Solutions Inc. In addition to giving your tubs a new finish, they can also renovate any other enamel finish in your home.