Four Reasons Your Light Bulbs Are Flickering

Posted on: 16 August 2016

Are the light bulbs flickering in your home? If so, you are going to want to know what's causing it so that you can have it fixed. This way, you can have constant light in your home. Besides, if the light bulbs are flickering, it could indicate a serious electrical problem that you need to have fixed. Here are four reasons your light bulbs are flickering:

Light Bulb Is Loose

Sometimes all it takes to fix a flickering light is tightening the bulb. Be sure that you turn off the light that is flickering before you attempt to screw in the light bulb and be sure to wait a bit before touching the bulb if it has already been on since it will be hot. Once you do screw it in, don't be forceful. If the light bulb really is loose, it shouldn't take much effort at all to screw it back in. If the light bulb is already tight, leave it alone. Most likely, the light is flickering for another reason if this is the case. 

Faulty Switch

If the problem is not a loose bulb, the next likely culprit is the switch to the light connection itself. To test this, you will want to jiggle the switch a bit. If the light flickers when you do this, it's definitely because of a faulty switch. You will want to have an electrician come out and replace the switch to ensure that the problem is fixed. 

Faulty Connection

Another reason the lights may be flickering is because the connection of the wiring to the switch is frayed or loose. It's important to have an electrician inspect the inside of the switch for you to determine whether or not the wiring needs replacing along with the switch. This is typical to find in older homes since the wiring becomes damaged over time.

High Wattage

If the lights are connected to the same circuit as an appliance in your home, then there is a chance that the lights are flickering because the wattage is too high. You will want to have the lights connected to a separate circuit connection, which an electrician can do for you. You could also need this if the lights are too dim when you turn them on or if the appliance itself is not working as properly as it should. 

When you know these four reasons your light bulbs may be flickering, you can see why it's important to hire an electrician if the problem extends beyond a loose light bulb. For assistance, talk to an electrician like Lowry Services: Electric, Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.