Why You Need To Condition The Water In Your Broiler

Posted on: 5 January 2016

If you have a boiler, you need to condition the water that your boiler uses in order for your boiler to work effectively. 

How Your Boiler Works

Your boiler is used to create steam. It creates steam by taking water and bringing the water to its boiling process so that steam is generated. The steam then evaporates and provides your boiler with the heat and energy that it needs to work.

What Happens To The Water

The water is kept warm enough so that it continually boils. As steam evaporates from your broiler, new water is added and heated up. As the water evaporates, any mineral deposits in your water are left behind. The microscopic mineral deposits that are in your water get left behind and slowly build up inside of your broiler as more water is added, heated up, and boiled.

The Effect Of Mineral Deposits

Mineral deposits interfere with the heat transfer process inside of your boiler. Your water most likely leaves behind either magnesium or calcium deposits and salt. These deposits tend to be slightly acidic. These deposits can cause the parts inside of your boiler to become corroded, which can overall weaken the integrity and cut short the life of your boiler. 

How To Counter Build-Up

In order to counter the natural mineral deposits that are found in all water inside of your broiler, you need to treat your broiler. The easiest way to counter the build-up is to add chemicals to your broiler that counteract the acidity of your water. This will help reduce the corrosion in your broiler and will help extend the life of your broiler.

However, in order to really counteract the effects of mineral buildup from your water, you need to remove the water inside of your broiler every once in a while. Over time, the water inside of your broiler becomes highly concentrated with mineral deposits. In order to actually get rid of all the deposits, the water needs to be removed from your broiler and replaced with fresh water. This is called a blow-down.

A broiler technician can come to your house and perform a blow-down as part of your broiler's yearly maintenance checkup. You can learn from your technician how to perform this task so that you can safely and effectively do it in the future. 

If you want your broiler to last, it is vital that you treat your water with chemicals to reduce the acidity of the mineral buildups inside of your broiler, and it is essential that you blow-out your broiler at least once a year. 

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