How To Decorate A Texas-Themed Family Room

Posted on: 23 October 2015

Have you decided to decorate your family room with a Texas theme? Whether you've visited Texas or you've just seen it depicted on books and on the screen, you may have fallen under the Texas spell that comes from its warm and friendly reputation. Perhaps these ideas will help you to decorate the family room in a unique way.

The Floor - Are you wanting to use carpet? If so, consider carpet in muted red or blue, and add a throw rug that depicts the big star for which Texas is known. Another idea is to have a hardwood floor installed. Choosing a rustic look would be great. And, if you want something truly dramatic, consider a faux painted concrete floor that has the appearance of leather, wooden planks, or even the look of a field of bluebonnets or other Texas wildflowers.

The Furniture -  For a casual look in your Texas-themed family room, when you select the sofa and chairs, consider leather or denim, both of which are affordable and easy to care for. Choosing red or blue would be stunning. For a dressier look, think of selecting a floral pattern, or even plaid or gingham. Whether you select leather or fabric, a great touch would be to add throw pillows in fabrics that complement each other. Florals, denim, suede and gingham are all good choices. Wooden barrels would make great end tables and an antique steamer trunk would serve well as a coffee table. Bentwood rocking chairs and a roll-top desk with a ladder back chair to go with it would add interest to the room, too.

The Window Treatment - Wooden shutters would be a great look for a Texas-theme room. However, if you want fabric curtains, there are some great considerations.

  • If you selected dressy fabric for your upholstered furniture, consider using it for your curtains, too. However, give it more of a Texas look with leather or denim tiebacks.
  • If you've gone with denim or leather, think about brightening things up with gingham curtains. A nice touch would be to have brass star pullbacks.
  • A combination of lace curtains with leather tiebacks is another good choice for to set a Texas mood. 
  • Consider stenciling Texas designs around the top of your windows. Stars, cows, horses, cactus, flowers and cowboy hats would all be good stencil choices.

Home Decor  - As you add home decor, think about using boots, cowboy hats and other cowboy related objects. Another fun idea would be to photograph each family member in western clothes and use the photographs as part of the decorations. Consider matting the pictures in red and then placing them in rustic wooden frames.

As you're doing your planning, think about buying a file folder in which you can store pictures from decorating magazines and where you can keep notes you've written about your decorating project. When you do that, you'll have easy access to things that have inspired you to design your Texas-themed room. If you're looking for draperies for your theme, visit Park City Blind & Design.