Landscaping Projects To Do With Kids

Posted on: 18 September 2015

Teaching your child to have pride for their home and getting involved with home improvement projects can be rewarding and a great way to spend time together. There are various landscaping and outdoor projects that your child might love to help with and that can help them learn valuable skills. Here are four landscaping projects you can involve your child in.

1. Initial Landscaping Plans

Mapping out your yard with a landscaper can be a fun project to involve kids in. They might have some clever ideas that you can incorporate into your yard. If you can map out the best areas for lawn space and possibly a corner of the yard for outdoor activities or a clubhouse, your child will be excited for their future yard. Whether you have just moved into a new home or are revamping your old yard, incorporate your child's suggestions if possible so that your yard will truly be for everyone in the family.

2. Building and Construction

If you are working on incorporating some smaller changes within your existing landscape, there are some building projects that you can involve your older children with. Constructing planter boxes or installing an arbor can be great ways for your child to learn skills in woodworking and construction while taking pride in their work and your yard.

3. Homemade Stepping Stones

A great project for kids at any age is making personalized stepping stones for the yard. Sourcing materials from from a home improvement store, these can be made with existing kits or with cement and plastic forms that can be cut away when dry. Kids can add artwork with colored stones or initial these to personalize stepping stones unique to your family.

4. Outlets for Wildlife

If your child has taken an interest in wildlife and nature, incorporate aspects of your yard that will bring smaller animals to you. Installing bird feeders and bird baths together can be quick weekend projects that will bring local birds to your yard that can be entertainment for years to come. If you are more ambitious, installing a pond for koi fish can be a pretty addition to your yard and bring a different aspect of nature to your yard space.

While your overall landscaping final plans and tougher projects can be handled by a professional landscaper, there are smaller projects that your child can get involved with. Get the whole family outside and working together so they will complete projects that they can be proud of. Landscaping projects that involve your kids will showcase personal touches to your yard and bring your family closer. Contact a local landscape, like A-1 Landscaping & Lot Clearing, for more ideas.