4 Myths About Septic Tanks Systems

Posted on: 21 April 2015

There are many myths that surround septic tank systems, and it is important, especially if you have a septic tank system, to know the facts that are behind these myths. This will ensure that you know how to properly care for your septic tank system. The more that you understand, then the more likely you are to care for it. Here are four myths to know the facts behind:

  1. It is Important to Care for the Tank More than the Drain Field: Many people believe that the tank is the most important part of the whole system because it does, in fact, make the whole thing function properly. However, since the drain field contains all of the waste, it too should be inspected regularly. The drain field is where the waste is processed, so if the drain field is clogged up, then the waste can't be processed as thoroughly as it should. 
  2. You Don't Need Bacteria Additives: It is recommended that you include bacteria additives into the septic tank system. However, many people find this to be untruthful because they believe that the waste in the system already has enough bacteria that additives would just be useless. This is not the case though, since bacteria is needed in the septic tank system to help break down solid waste. Bacteria can be easily killed off with the use of so many antibacterial chemicals in the home, such as dish soap, which is why bacteria additives are needed
  3. Household Cleaners Won't Damage the Septic Tank System: You should be wary of how often you are using household cleaners that will be washed down the drains in your home, such as bathtub cleaner, sink cleaners, and more. With an excessive amount of anti-bacterial chemicals being washed down the drain, it can harm the septic tank system by killing off too much of the necessary bacteria to break down solid waste. This can lead to heavy build up of waste, which can then lead to backups in the home.
  4. Your Septic Tank Will Last a Lifetime: Since septic tank systems are so functional, many people believe that it be a lifetime before they need to get theirs replaced. This is not the case, however, since most septic tank systems have a lifespan of about 20 years, and this is only with the proper maintenance. So it is important that you are prepared for replacement once it needs to happen.

By knowing the facts behind these myths, you can better understand your septic tank system and know how and why you must take proper care of it. Talk to a company like Burleson Septic Cleaning to learn more about caring for your septic tank system.