Most Frequently Asked Questions About Repairing Stained Glass Windows In An Old Home

Posted on: 8 December 2014

The first time you spotted your current home, those stained glass windows were probably quite the attractive feature. In fact, they may have even been one of the selling points. However, now that the excitement of your old home has worn off, you may start to notice that those stained glass windows you admired so much could use a little tender loving care. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions concerning residential glass replacement of stained glass windows.

Is it possible to repair stained glass windows in a way where discrepancies will not show?

This depends on several factors. One of which is how old your windows are. The materials that were used for stained glass, or glass making in general, several years ago were quite different than what is available today. Therefore slight discrepancies may be apparent. However, a window repair specialist who specializes in stained glass can use special techniques to create pieces that are as close a match as possible. For example, high heat processes can make glass appear more aged or textured and therefore, will closely coincide with the appearance of old glass.

How energy efficient are stained glass windows?

Stained glass windows have both their benefits and downfalls when it comes to energy efficiency. One benefit is that colored glass will not allow in as much natural light, which could help eliminate heat from the sun in the summer. However, these amazing creations were usually created for aesthetic pleasure and design more than functionality, and they do not always boast the best insulation or even sealed junctions. Many homeowners opt to have their stained glass windows assessed by a professional window specialist who offers custom design features that can help improve upon this issue.

Can any window replacement company repair stained glass windows?

Not every window replacement company offers repair of stained glass windows. However, most will be able to offer you sound advice about who you should contact for assistance. Furthermore, residential window replacement companies can work with you to install new windows that will compliment the design of the stained glass pieces you already have in place.

When it comes down to it, the stained glass windows you have in your home are a valuable design aspect that can also be considered a piece of architectural design history. Therefore, you should do what you can and consult the right professionals, like Ryan's All-Glass, to keep them preserved.