Diagnosing Problems With A Garage Door

Posted on: 3 December 2014

A garage door is just supposed to work. You push a button, it opens, you go on your way. Garage doors do, however, break down, and when they do, you can be left with a car trapped in or out of your garage. As you stare at a door that has become an immoveable wall, you might think that there is nothing you can do to get your garage door working again. You would be wrong. Many garage door repairs are within the range of a do-it-yourselfer. The trick is diagnosing the problem to begin with so that you can determine what to do fix the problem. 

Problems with the Opener

Paying attention to how your garage door functions will help you to know exactly what is wrong. For example, let's say that you roll up to your house, push the button on your remote, and nothing happens. Before you jump to the conclusion that something is seriously wrong with your garage door, go inside and try the opener located on the wall inside your home. If this button works, then try changing the battery in your opener. Often, changing the battery will get your opener working again. 

Problems with Obstruction Sensors

Most garage doors are fitted with sensors that will detect obstructions in the path of a garage door. When triggered while a garage door is closing, these sensors will prevent your garage door from closing. If when you try to close your garage door, it starts to close and then it reverses direction, the likely problem lies with your sensors. Located near the floor, sensors can get bumped, and when they do, they can get out of alignment. Often you can fix a problem with your sensors simply by realigning them. 

Problems with Your Rails

If your garage door gets stuck partway open or closed, the problem most likely lies with your rails. Small obstructions like a wad of leaves or sticks can prevent a garage door from opening or closing like it should. To correct the problem, you simply have to remove the obstruction. 

Not all problems with a garage door are easy to fix, but some problems are. When you are in a hurry and your garage door stops working, it is easy to assume that any repairs necessary are beyond your abilities, but the truth is that with just a little bit of time spent working your garage door, you should be able to fix many problems. If you find that the problem is beyond you, contact a professional, such as Girard's Garage Door Services.