Crafting With Items From The Hardware Store

Posted on: 3 December 2014

While you might think that your local hardware store only carries items suitable for home improvement, these stores can be a veritable treasure trove for crafters. If you are looking for some unique and rustic craft ideas, look no further than the shelves of your local hardware store.

Here are 2 items found at most hardware stores that you can use to craft unique items for your home in the future.

1. Patterned Metal Sheets

Although patterned metal sheets were originally intended to serve as decorative covers for your heating vents, these hardware store staples can be used to create a number of interesting and unique items.

Here are a few ideas that will allow you to use patterned metal sheets in new and creative ways:

  • Lamps- Patterned metal sheets are the perfect material to use when making lamps. The cutouts add interest, while the metal prevents the finished product from looking too feminine. Try bending these metal sheets to create a lamp shade that will fit your favorite base, or simply bending a sheet around a light bulb to create a unique light fixture.  
  • Drawer Fronts- Pattered furniture is all the rage, but using stencils to create this patterned look can be complicated. By choosing to rely on patterned metal sheets instead, you have a simple way to achieve the season's hottest look. Just measure the front of your drawers and cut the metal sheet to the same specifications. Screws or a strong adhesive can then be used to attach the patterned sheet to the drawer front. Voila- all of the aesthetic appeal without the mess of a stencil.

2. Galvanized Pipe

Do you find it hard to believe that plumbing supplies can be used to complete chic craft projects? If so, then you might be shocked to see the many ways in which crafters are using galvanized pipe today. Projects using these galvanized pipes can be rustic or industrial in design, so they fit nicely into almost any decor.

Here are some simple projects you can complete using galvanized pipes from your local hardware store:

  • Shelves- Combining galvanized pipe with pieces of wood can create a unique and rustic set of shelves. These shelves look great housing books in the living room, or extra towels in the bathroom. If you don't like the look of wood, you can create more modern shelving units by combining galvanized pipes with sheet metal instead.  
  • Furniture- Adding interest to home furnishings is simple when you rely on galvanized pipes from your local hardware store. Using these pipes as the legs for your coffee table or dining table creates a furniture piece that is both unique and functional.

Scouring the shelves of your local hardware store or places like A & B Malibu Plumbing is a great way to find items that you can use to create craft pieces that will serve as both decorative items and conversation starters.