Cooking Up The Perfect Space: Must-Have Features For Your Kitchen

Posted on: 3 December 2014

Designing a custom-built home is a great opportunity to let your own personality shine through. One of the best rooms in the house to design yourself is your kitchen. It's a central point of most homes, and it should have the conveniences and features that fit your personality. Here are a few great kitchen features to consider when you're working with your home builder.

Stove and Range Options

Double Oven

One of the most functional and valuable upgrades you can make for your kitchen is to integrate double ovens into the wall. Not only do double ovens look great in most any kitchen, the wall mount frees up space for you to install your cook top anywhere you want it.

If you entertain a lot or you often have many dishes in progress at one time, double ovens can save you time. You can bake more than one dish at a time, or keep one thing warm while another is baking. The convenience for dinner parties, holidays and large family meals is worth the investment.

Island Cook Top

Island cook tops are a great feature when you want to have more space for other appliances or you want complete access to your cooking area. By placing your cook top on an island, you have significant work areas, and you can even integrate warming drawers in the cabinet beneath the range.

Think Built-Ins

When you want a kitchen that looks clean, sleek and streamlined, built-in appliances are the way to go. A built-in refrigerator is versatile, convenient and attractive. Cover it with a cabinet face and it will blend in to your kitchen.

In addition to built-in refrigerators, another new feature that you shouldn't overlook is a built-in dishwasher drawer. Instead of the traditional dishwasher style with the door that opens up and lays flat, dishwasher drawer systems are built into your under-cabinet space and slide out to fill. They're convenient, and they blend perfectly into your kitchen design, because you can cover it with the same finish as the rest of your cabinets and drawers.

Save Your Sink with a Pot Filler

When you cook a lot, particularly pastas and soups, you'll find that many sinks just aren't equipped for large stock pots. It makes filling the pot with water a cumbersome task. Pot filler faucets are a great way to get around this, because you can install them anywhere there's a cold water line in the house, and you can install them high enough that you can fit even your largest stock pot directly underneath.

If you're building your own home or doing a complete renovation on an existing one, it's the perfect time to capitalize on some of the conveniences available to make your kitchen your own. With the ideas presented here, you can personalize your kitchen to make it the space you've always wanted. For more information, contact a custom home contractor like Griggs Custom Home Inc.