3 Pests That Destroy Siding—And How To Prevent Them

Posted on: 3 December 2014

Rain, wind, hail, and other environmental factors can destroy siding, but invasive pests are a danger that many homeowners do not consider. To protect your siding, issue these 5 pests an immediate eviction notice.

1. Rodents

Rodents enter homes for food, shelter, and warmth. Squirrels, for example, are often found in attics and other upper-floor rooms of the home, while mice and rats favor basements and first-story rooms.

Unfortunately, rodents also multiply quickly, so a single interloper can quickly become a full-scale infestation. Female rats can produce as many as 12 offspring per month, and you do not want those offspring born in your home.

Rodents like mice are predisposed to gnawing because it sharpens their incisors, but their ultimate goal is to gain entry to your home. Chewing through your siding will leave holes and weaknesses in your home's cladding, which can be dangerous.

To protect your siding from rodents:

  • Schedule regular evaluations from a pest control service
  • Replace any damaged siding as soon as you notice it
  • Set rodent traps or cages in inconspicuous areas
  • Avoid attracting rodents by cleaning up food and spills immediately

2. Termites

Wood siding is vulnerable to termites, which ingest all types of wood. Although replacing your wood siding with vinyl or metal siding is an excellent step toward protecting your home, you might not know that termites will chew through other materials to find wood.

The best way to protect your siding and the rest of your home from termites is to schedule yearly inspections. If your home has become a termite host, replacing damaged siding will prevent further problems, such as air leaks and structural dangers.

3. Woodpeckers

If you grew up watching Woody the Woodpecker, you might have a soft spot in your heart for these sharp-beaked birds. However, they can damage your home by "drumming" against wood and vinyl siding or even metal cladding.

You will probably hear woodpeckers before you see them, though you might find small groups of dents or gouges in your siding if the woodpeckers work while you are not at home. Long-term drumming can destroy your siding.

To protect your home, consider applying a tacky bird-repelling product to your siding. These products make your home less attractive to woodpeckers because their feet stick to the substance, preventing quick take-off.

Other pests, such as wasps and wood-boring beetles, can also damage siding. If your home has suffered damage from any of these pests, contact a reliable siding installation service such as Lassiter Roofing Team to have damaged panels replaced immediately.